a mad puppet.

unexpected truth; the boy and the mirror

It turns out that Mana’s brother whom he’d mentioned when he first met Allen, was actually dead, about 35 years ago. He was also addressed as the ‘14th Noah’ or Nea, who betrayed the Millenium Earl and tried to kill him. Since then, he and Mana had been living like fugitives, hunted by the Earl.

According to Cross, Mana was with the 14th until the moment he died—the day Mana lost his mind. It is implied that Cross had been good friends with them, because the 14th made him promise that Cross would watch over Mana. In return, he promised that he would return to Manas side. (That was 35+ years ago—just how old are you, Cross?!)

The 14th passed on his memories to Allen, who became the closest person to Mana. It was not clear when exactly did it happen, but I guess it was sometime before Mana died. Cross wasn’t sure why Allen had to be chosen, he thought it was because they were running out of time. Probably because Allen possesses an Innocence as well, but I can’t be sure because I don’t know how sane Mana was. The 14th began to arise within Allen when Allen and his teammates had a battle against the Noah inside Noah’s Ark.

Unbeknownest to the Earl and the rest of the Noah clan, the 14th had a secret room inside Noah’s Ark. There was a piano in that room, which can control the Ark. The 14th’s memories made Allen possess the ability of a “Musician”, the one who can move the Ark by using the piano. Allen had never touched a piano before, but he could play the song written in the music score shown by Timcanpi—his fingers moved by themselves. Apparently, the characters for this music score were made up by himself and Mana in the past—one of the reasons why I believe Allen was implanted with the memories a little while before Mana’s death.

Once Allen and his comrades returned to the Order, whenever he saw a mirror, Allen would see a dark silhouette following him around—that is the 14th.

Ever since he and everyone else learned about the truth from Cross, Allen had been put under heavy suspicion for being an intruder. Inspector Link was assigned to monitor him 24/7. His close friends, namely Lenalee, Johnny, and Reever, don’t really mind the change and still trust Allen nevertheless, but some other members are not happy with it.

The Earl, on the other hand, wanted Allen to leave the Order and join them because the 14th’s soul was contained within his body. It is very likely that the Earl and Nea were good friends. It can be seen from the Earl’s memories of Nea, whereas the latter told him, “Don’t worry. I’ll always be by your side, no matter what.” The Earl seems to be very devastated by Nea’s treachery, because how he was crying after he (thought) that he had destroyed the old Ark (the one with 14th’s secret room in it). Even after Nea ruined his plan (through Allen), the Earl still invited Allen (Nea) to come back to the Noah family simply because “he wanted to be by the 14th’s side”. As fishy as it sounds, considering how Nea have betrayed the Earl, I think the Earl looked sincere about his feelings. I’m not sure though. Nea, however, took over Allen’s conciousness for a little while to reject the Earl’s invitation.

“I knew you’d come for me, Brother. This time, I will kill you. I will kill you, and become the next Earl of Millenium!” — Allen (Nea) to Millenium Earl, Chapter 189.

Allen himself rejected being a part of Noah family. This rejection led to the awakening of Alma Karma—Kanda’s old friend who was supposed to be dead. The Earl made him an akuma. A lot of people got heavily injured during this battle, and even the Third Exorcists turned into akuma that the exorcists had to eliminate them.

“The one who destroyed the Branch and turned the Third into monsters was you. You, who continue to stay in the Order despite being a Noah.” — Kanda Yu to Allen Walker, Chapter 197.

Kanda accidentally stabbed Allen with his Innocence because the latter was trying to protect Alma. This awakened Nea, and Allen finally got to see his face in his mind. The way Nea was dressed looked just like Allen (and Mana). However, Allen regained his consciousness back when he saw an image of Mana in his minds. He then found out about the true relationship between Kanda and Alma, and decided to save them and gave them peace instead of destroying Alma’s dark matter. The Order saw this as a betrayal, because the Third Exorcists could not be saved unless Allen destroyed Alma. Allen was imprisoned after that battle.

In the most recent chapters, Allen finally decided to leave the Order because as Tyki said, he only “sow chaos and conflicts”, especially with his presence inside the Order.