From darkness is born light.

I realize that this shrine is imperfect, messy and somewhat incomplete, that's why please pardon me if you found any mistakes in my writings. Writing about Allen's life is almost like writing a long summary of D.Gray-man itself. That's why I chose to write only the topics I found the most interesting and fresh. I hope to add more contents to this shrine soon, as the series is far from the end and Hoshino takes a break every now and then. >: /sob

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You are looking at the second edition of this site, as it is no longer a one-page shrine. The layout uses textures and by Masterjinn, and Ewanism; images from D.Gray-man Noche artbook (found in Minitokyo) and manga shots derived from the scanlations by Binktopia. The translations of the novels was written/shared by the folks at dgrayman. The font Rosario is generated from Google Webfonts. If you're viewing Times New Roman or Georgia in some parts, that's because I hoped you had either Didot or Bodoni installed in your computer.

This layout is tested in Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and is designed to match Raison d'Etre's upcoming layout.


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