let’s take it from the top; the boy and the universe.

The story of D.Gray-man takes place in an imaginary 19th century, and tells about the unending battle between good and evil, with the former being the Black Order with their exorcists, while the latter being the Noah family, led by the Millenium Earl. The Millenium Earl aims to destroy humanity by creating an army of akumas. Akuma is a machine created from souls and body of humans with tragedy and despair. The Exorcists, on the other hand, fight these akumas with “Innocence”. Every exorcist wields different kinds of weapons and Innocence. That’s why, the Earl also commands his minions to search for Innocence and destroy them.

Meet Allen Walker; the main character of this series, and the exact boy we’re going to talk about in this shrine. Let’s start with the basics!

Age: 16 (estimated)
Gender: Male
Race: British
Height: 168cm (beginning), 174cm (present)
Weight: 56kg
Birthday: Dec 25th
Bloodtype: O
Favourite Quotes: “To wait for luck is to wait for death.”

Allen Walker is a young boy with a rather peculiar appearance because of his white hair and the scar on his face. However, once you gets to know him, you’ll find out that Allen is actually a kind-hearted selfless boy, and the unfortunate events of his life and the so-called fate demands him to be more mature than his real age. While the other teenagers are probably having fun with their youth, Allen had to carry such a heavy burden to be an exorcist, where his life is put on the line. Romance is not on his priorities, although there are a few girls who are attracted to him, and it is—slightly—hinted that he has a crush on one of his comrades. *coughs*

Allen possesses a Parasitic-type Innocence—which means that his weapon is attached to his own body—in this case, Allen's left arm. Allen becomes a BIG eater because of this—the weapon gets the energy from his body. The weapon was first activated after he was tricked by the Earl—turning his late adoptive father, Mana Walker, into an akuma. And then Cross Marian, an exorcist from the Black Order, told him about Innocence and offered him to become an exorcist.

After Allen joined the Black Order, he met a lot of people who cared about him and became his new ‘family’, had a lot more confrontations with Akumas, and learned a lot of new things, including the unexpected truth about himself.